A product from Arje Lifting Systems AB. Webpage www.ergotronic.se

ERGO·CONTROL is a series of positioners developed for different operations:
welding, grinding, assembly work, inspection etc.

The machine handles the work piece in 3 dimensions; one vertical movement and two rotating axes.

Five standard load classes,
capacity of 300-6000 kg

Interactive 3d
The animation above is taste of what our interactive 3d model looks like. But this is far from the detail of the
real simulation, which you can download below. It requires OpenGL, which comes standard since Windows 98.

In English
Technical data (pdf)
Brochure (pdf)
Manual EC150 (pdf)
User Manual 300-3000E (doc)

Auf Deutsch

Broschüre (pdf)
Bedienungsanleitung EC150 (pdf)
Bedienungsanleitung 300-3000E (doc)

Click here to download

Windows 98
openGL 1.1
Pentium 3
64 MB Ram