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Short set up time!
Minimize injury and maximize profit!
Always the best ergonomic position!
Increases productivity by 50% or more!


The first machine,ERGO CONTROL Prototype No. 1, was built in 1983.
It was primarily to make the welding process easier in our own production.
There were great improvements for both productivity and the personells ergonomic environment and after a short while several customers showed interrest in the positioner.
It was clear that it was a product for the market.
Now the ERGO CONTROL is represented in 4 continents.


Five types for handling weights of 300, 750, 1500, 3000 and 6000 kg.
The arm length for each model has a standard length (see Technical Data).
Depending on the weight and form of the work piece an extended arm could be used.
More important factors are torque and bending moment - ask us!
Of course the arm could also be given a diffrent shape or function to fit your type of work.


  • 400A earth ground connecting.
  • Unlimited rotation on rotating axis.
  • Arm, lengt=std (see Technical Data)
  • Foot pedal and control panel (programmable machine).
  • Hand Control (manual machine).


  • Programmable or manual machine.
  • The standard machine has 3:axes : X=lifting the arm, Y=arm rotation and Z=fixture plate rotation, but in some cases 2 axes is enougth (no arm).
  • Thanks to a rotating slipring device the arm can rotate unlimited, without any cables getting damaged.
    Also the earth grounding and air supply to the fixture plate works the same way via upperplates and swivels. This makes it easier and faster to handle the work piece.
  • Whithin limits the arm is adjustable to fit the force of gravity
    of the work piece and arm together.
  • Some work pieces are instable to handle with a regular arm.
    An alternative is to use a dubble arm (fixed or adjustable).
  • Available is also a system called 2PS (2-Pillar-System); two machines standing towards each other. Basicly two axes are in use, lifting and rotating.
    One of the machines (LEADER) controls the second machine (FOLLOWER) to follow the same programmed routine.This system can handle a very large (long) work piece.


  • Easy "Teach-in" programming.
    (see manuals in pdf-format for more information, version; 1, 2, 3)
  • Memory capacity of 1000 positions.
  • Possibility to store programs with ErgoCom.


  • acoustic pressure < 70 dB (A)


The machine fulfills the requirements according to the essential helth and safety requirements relating to the design and construction of machinery, 89/392/EEC, 91/368/EEC, 93/44/EEC, 93/68/EEC and standards EN 292-1 och EN 292-2. The machine is marked with the required CE:sign


Delivery time for standard models is normally 5 - 6 weeks after order.
Light modifications +2 weeks.
Special machines are normally delivered after 12 weeks.


1 year for spare parts.